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Mark Swithenbank, Managing Director “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” —Tuli Kupferberg, American Poet

A quote that fits perfectly in the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) landscape, as old methods of maintaining compliance and safety make way for superior digital technologies to take control. For years, firms both large and small that adhere to all norms of EHS regulatory boards have faced constant compulsion to integrate EHS management systems as part of its operational system structure. Slow to accommodate and adapt to the change that can bring higher efficiency to their work floors, industrial organisations are now approaching EHS solution and service providers to initiate digital transformation plans that will improve business performance, while also protecting them from untimely mishaps.

While most organisations within the industrial enterprise realm are keen to procure these latest computational solutions, a recent report by a leading independent research centre suggests that only about 15 percent of the investments are spent on digitising and automating EHS management systems. Currently, the situation is set to change, and EHS solution providers are seeing a flurry of industrial organisations approaching to leverage their software. Seizing the opportunity, technology vendors are designing and developing platforms and hardware that is changing the way management at industrial facilities keep a check on the safety of its workforces. Firms within the industrial realms such as manufacturing, mining, and other similar spectrums equipped with additional knowledge are quickly acting to acquire and utilise digital EHS management systems and take advantage of its many benefits.

Established just before the turn of the century, and the end of a millennium, Airsweb, is an EHS solution provider that is committed to distributing its commendable Environment, Health and Safety solutions to clients and partner firms. Through its flagship EHS solution “AVA,” the company aims to empower businesses to be more considerate toward their employee health and well-being by creating less accident-prone workplace environments. Airsweb allows its users to track, focus on areas that need attention and in turn, reduce the overall impact on the environment.

Technologically Advanced EHS Software

Indeed one of the most advanced EHS platforms in the market, Airsweb AVA has won multiple accolades and most recently was recognised by Verdantix (An independent research and consulting firm) as a Top 20 EHS provider.

Airsweb’s umbrellas of feature-rich modules are a perfect combination that can further enhance AVA’s core capabilities

AVA, at its core is powered by Airsweb’s best-in-class system infrastructure and allows users to have fundamental capabilities that are user-friendly, configurable, and offer security. The AVA dashboard will enable organisations to have a view of all their EHS insights from a single point of access, and on any device of choice. Since incidents vary in nature, users are given an option to customise the dashboard based on locations, themes and event types.

AVA’s action tracking functionality allows organisations to allocate operational processes and to track them until project completion. It increases the visibility that management has across work floor performance, and helps to establish accountability over any untoward anomalies that may occur. In case of an event, it allows users to be alerted via an email or SMS notification. In addition, the action tracking solution also maintains a record of cost administered to take corrective measures. To make all of the functions possible, Airsweb release a workflow management system—AVA-Workflows—a solution that provides access to intuitive interfaces and commands allowing users to quickly access and edit EHS operational plans to suit specific industrial requirements.

The Comprehensive Module Stack

Airsweb’s umbrellas of feature-rich modules are a perfect combination that can further enhance AVA’s core capabilities. Users can select which modules they want to add or remove from AVA at any point that it may not be required or necessary. Presently, Airsweb deploys operational modules that empower organisations to have incident, audit and risk management as well as reporting on environmental performance, safety data, and work permits.

As industrial organisations try to comply and adhere by the rules of various regulatory boards, AVA’s incident reporting aids them to record, coordinate and explore events at the operational level. Further, the tailored audit management component allows firms to be ready any time a check on their active security measures is needed.

It enables measurement of overall EHS compliance against both regulatory requirements and internal KPIs. Fully understanding the perils of the industrial spectrum, Airsweb takes a head-on approach toward risk management, and assists users to assess risk through AVA Risk Management. This advancement ensures that organisations understand all hazardous situations and takes the necessary steps to mitigate them efficiently and effectively.

Rising commodity prices and the need to protect earth’s natural environment has seen organisations transition their operations to be more resource-efficient. For this purpose, Airsweb through its Environment Performance Reporting software allows for recording and analyse greenhouse gas emissions, water, energy and raw materials consumption enabling clients to save on costs. The reporting engine seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Reporting Services to allow for easy export of EHS datasheets directly to Excel. The results are based on on-site safety requirements and saved on a cloud database, making it accurate and accessible in real-time. In addition to indulging in the safety of internal employees, Airsweb also allows managing workplace safety for third party contractors that are employed by their clients. It ensures that all outsourced professionals have the appropriate permits for the job they are performing.

An Enticing Success Story

An instance of glory for Airsweb was when a large water services company that had just moved communication to Microsoft’s email platform wanted a new solution to track incidents, near misses and hazards. The client had received many proposals from EHS solution providers and chose Airsweb to be its supplier based on previous track records and benchmarks.

"AVA, at its core is powered by Airsweb’s best-in-class system infrastructure, and allows users to have fundamental capabilities that are user-friendly, configurable, and offer security"

Airsweb provided the client with a customised Accident and Incident solution; the system was made accessible through a web portal allowing for it to be easily accessible. To train users on the internal mechanisms of the module and how to operate it, Airsweb provided the training via a simple e-learning model. It allowed the employees and contractors of the client to report incidents irrespective of their location more promptly. The utilisation of the software seen the water services provider substantially improve incident reporting, and take proactive action against potential hazards.

Into The Future

The success of its EHS platform AVA has led to Airsweb opening an all-new development and research facility in Central Manchester, UK. The latest centre will be a vital point of growth for Airsweb as it continues to upgrade its popular EHS software to meet consumer demands. The facility will empower Airsweb to plan, test and roll out new features faster and with more precision than ever before.


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Mark Swithenbank, Managing Director

Airsweb is a leading EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) software solutions provider, focused on helping clients around the globe manage risk, maximize compliance, and develop sustainably. With an innovative approach to user accessibility and business intelligence, the company empowers all users to efficiently record data and obtain critical information wherever they are working, on whichever devices they choose to use. The company is committed to delivering innovative health, safety, and environmental solutions to their partners and customers, and its vision is making the workplace safer, healthier, and more sustainable