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Raj Shah, President
Occupational risks, such as heavy machinery, noise, working at height, and airborne particles can lead to various injuries or afflictions. A worker’s inability to comprehend the potential risks relevant to their work environment attracts not only critical hazards but also heavy penalty due to compliance violation from the worker safety training perspective. In this scenario, it is imperative for an organization to ensure EHS experts train its frontline workers with knowledge on relevant and up-top-date EHS topics. Alchemy Systems, an EHS training solutions provider, follows a unique strategy to impart EHS education to the frontline workers in various industries.

Alchemy, which is an Intertek subsidiary, enables manufacturing companies to promote a safety-first culture to keep workers from harm’s way. Presently, Alchemy has a presence in 50,000 locations and educates more than 3 million frontline workers worldwide across the manufacturing, distribution, and food processing industries. “The deep EHS and adult learning expertise that goes into our courseware development ensures workers go beyond parroting safety manuals, to truly understanding and applying correct behavior on the floor,” says Raj Shah, President of Alchemy.

Alchemy is both a technology and creative company with software developers, illustrators, graphic artists, and adult learning experts working side by side. Leveraging the overall expertise, the company has built a comprehensive EHS training platform that is based on experiential learning. The platform combines patented software and courseware built for a specific industry. Alchemy provides more than 40 EHS training courses out-of-the-box, with easy customization plugins for clients to add site-specific courses. Alchemy’s learning management system (LMS) provides a centralized hub for clients to train workers and track their improvement. All its software programs and educational courseware are built in-house and in adherence to regulatory and safety requirements established by ISO and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, USA), among others.

Through gamification, frontline workers—who normally have a low educational background—can undergo enticing and engaging learning experiences. A differentiating factor for Alchemy is the interactive device it provides along with the platform.

The deep EHS and adult learning exepertise that goes into our courseware development ensures workers go beyond parroting safety manuals, to truly understanding and applying correct behavior on the floor

Every trainee is allotted a remote control that allows them to partake in knowledge checks and interactive games to verify and document their level of knowledge on a particular topic. All the data (including trainees’ responses) is securely tracked in the cloud. The digital records allow an enterprise to be ready any time an auditor walks into the premises.

In one such instance, Alchemy assisted a large retail chain, to build a personalized training program. As rules vary from region to region, Alchemy built an EHS education solution that complied with all the required safety instructions. With this solution, the client reduced their reported incidents by almost 50 percent and dramatically augmented the staff’s knowledge of health and safety measures.

With current operations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, Alchemy is expanding beyond the borders of North America into Latin America and Europe. Currently, its training solutions are offered in English, French, and Spanish, but more languages will soon make their way into the platform. “We are working on new technologies to maximize the learner’s experience, all in their native language,” says Shah. The new technology will allow users to listen to the learning material directly through their headsets in their preferred language. Alchemy is also researching the possibility of channeling its EHS training material through VR/AR headsets. The idea is to create an impactful EHS education system where an individual is not just listening to a program but also experiencing what a hazardous event might be like in real-time.

Alchemy Systems

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Raj Shah, President

Alchemy Systems provides hands-on consulting services to companies looking for better Environment Health and Safety Management. Incidents at the workplace can have many effects, and Alchemy’s services work towards making the workplace safer in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. The company’s programs, like hazard identification, improvement and upgradation, and training and auditing, have been designed to assist all kinds of businesses. Expert ISO and OSHA consultants from the company help clients conduct mock assessments to determine the level of readiness. By assisting the companies, Alchemy helps them take corrective steps and ensure regulatory compliance

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