20 Most Promising EHS Solution Providers - 2019

Environmental health and safety technologies have taken rapid strides over the past few years. As the priority on workplace safety grows, organizations are on the constant lookout to harness innovations which best fits their requirements including safety, incident management and response, reporting and analytics. The integration of smart technologies like big data and AI will help EHS in its drive toward smarter, faster and more accurate outcomes in decision-making, produce predictions based on behavior safety, as well as create predictive and preventive analysis.

In the move to ensure EHS in organizations, companies are adopting wearable technology like tracking devices in the form of watches, eyeglasses and even body sensors on suits which apply advanced analytics to track anomalies for preventive action. There will also be a significant increase in the adoption of connected worker solutions leveraging the flow of data and information related to workers’ interaction with their environment. The integration of safety, environment and quality management and technology systems will also show pay offs in the form of improved performance on key metrics such as lower incident rates.

As these EHS solutions help organizations in assessing their risks and preventing them, CIOs are on the lookout for a solution that best fits the bill. A distinguished panel of CIOs, CEOs, VCs together with CIOReview’s diligent editorial team have listed some of the most prominent solution providers in the industry. This edition will give you an outlook on CIOReview’s“20 Most Promising EHS Solution Providers 2019” and the capabilities that they have to offer.

Top Environmental Health And Safety Companies

D3O continuously assesses industry standards for designing protective workwear, and in some cases, drives forwards the creation of new standards to ensure workers are better protected from impact-related injuries. VanMullekom’s team at D3O designs protective wear for workers by taking into account the requirement for comfort, dexterity and temperature stability, all without compromising impact protection performance. D3O worked in close collaboration with the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) to develop this new standard, focused on providing Health and Safety Engineers (HSEs) with the needed performance benchmark to select the right gloves for their workers based on the assigned job task

Creating a benchmark in the audit management industry, ECAT provides access to the current status that enlightens any organizational path with valuable insights. With a robust and effective audit management and process validation tool, ECAT empowers enterprises to fight the mesh of expensive, time-consuming and traditional paper-based audit system. Having strong platform capabilities, this cloud-based audit management solution helps to turn complexity into flexibility whilst enjoying better productivity, quality and efficiency. Providing multi-lingual support, intuitive dashboards, fast and easy reports, improved visibility, transparency and traceability, it helps to get the real picture of the state or status of anything

EHS organizations have complex regulatory, operational risk, and sustainability reporting requirements that require data from many systems. Digital transformation demands integrating EHS into operations to manage compliance, reduce risk, improve learning, and lower sustainment costs. Enviance’s cloud-based software makes it easier to innovate and meet the information demands of EHS programs