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Francis Lyons, Co-Founder & CEO
ECAT saves auditing time by 60 percent with digitizing and mobilizing the manual gathering of data and transforming it into instantly accessible distributable information. As a cutting-edge SaaS-based solution, ECAT assists users in performing various audits such as safety, healthcare, quality, and environmental. The ECAT platform provides flexibility in supporting the type and style of inspection that customer requires for safety, hygiene, production, equipment, security, people, places, and processes. It provides a highly intelligent, flexible audit configuration with extensive automation. The company also allows off-line auditing on mobile devices through its audit and inspection app, which allows seamless access to the ECAT tool from anywhere. With its easy-to-use solution which requires no specialized training of users, ECAT enables companies to address any shortcomings immediately with preconfigured, automated responses. ECAT also provides real-time online tech support for any system issues to the users with the support of its dedicated and experienced team.

As the rules for business change, companies are trying hard to keep up with changing regulatory requirements. To make the lengthy audit processes and overcomplicated workflows easy, ECAT audit management solution entered the market in 2011. Industry veteran and CEO of ECAT group, Francis Lyons realized the fact that - companies were and, in many cases, continue to be, frustrated by doing audits on paper and then having to rekey everything into spreadsheets in order to get any useful analytics. ECAT was established to provide an effective audit management solution for automating an entire audit lifecycle in one centralized system. “ECAT is the simplest way to achieve auditing success with measurable ROI, actionable data-rich insights using precise processes and strengthened operational excellence,” asserts Lyons.

It offers a cloud-based audit management software, designed to help businesses streamline and simplify their audit performance, process, and report systems. ECAT not only improves and speeds up auditing processes through powerful automation but, also reduces audit time while improving operational efficiency.

ECAT is the simplest way to create auditing success with measurable ROI, actionable data-rich insights and strengthened operational excellence with precise processes

The increased accuracy in the overall auditing process owing to high visibility, transparency, and traceability helps organizations cut costs, improve compliance, strengthen operations, and ultimately gain a competitive edge.

ECAT also makes a mark when it comes to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace to promote a positive work environment across organizations. The ECAT team understands the need for a cloud-based health and safety software solution in the present scenario as it helps companies monitor trends, reduce workplace incidents and injuries, increase productivity, and save overall costs. The company addresses all these needs and assists clients in streamlining EHS procedures, identifying safety issues, sharing reports on the go, and creating a safer work environment. Whether it’s about simplifying overall processes, reducing training requirements or delivering superior tech support, ECAT enables businesses to attain operational excellence. As a comprehensive audit management solution designed to cater to industry-specific needs, ECAT assures sustainable change within diverse industries including transport and logistics, warehousing, retail, food manufacturing, facilities management, healthcare, real estate, and government agencies.

For the future, ECAT’s goal is to work toward incorporating more KPIs, integrating IoT technologies and maintaining our continuous platform improvement program as guided by our clients. The company also aims to expand to more countries to explore new markets. “Our comprehensive solution, along with a 100 percent client retention rate and the support of an expert team makes us stand out in the industry,” states Lyons.

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Francis Lyons, Co-Founder & CEO

Creating a benchmark in the audit management industry, ECAT provides access to the current status that enlightens any organizational path with valuable insights. With a robust and effective audit management and process validation tool, ECAT empowers enterprises to fight the mesh of expensive, time-consuming and traditional paper-based audit system. Having strong platform capabilities, this cloud-based audit management solution helps to turn complexity into flexibility whilst enjoying better productivity, quality and efficiency. Providing multi-lingual support, intuitive dashboards, fast and easy reports, improved visibility, transparency and traceability, it helps to get the real picture of the state or status of anything

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