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Peter P. Greaney, Executive Chairman
Organizations have a legal obligation to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for their employees. However, with a plethora of daily operations, organizations lose track of employee well-being. Solving the issue of employee safety and health, WorkCare, physician-owned managed occupational health company serves employers in the U.S. and abroad. The company’s team of clinical and administrative experts guide their clients through the intricacies of occupational health and safety. WorkCare assists their clients in understanding compliance with federal and state employment laws and regulations with work-related injury care, managing medical surveillance, and on-site services. The company is committed to building and sustaining constructive partnerships within the medical community, with their clients and their employees. “We are more than experts or colleagues in the health care industry; we are committed members of every client’s team,” says Peter P. Greaney, President and CEO of WorkCare.

The services offered by WorkCare are employee-focused. In an instance of an injury, the company’s injury management and return to work service ensure the employee’s return to work faster. The process begins with the clinical team conducting a thorough and objective assessment of the employee’s current medical needs, including their physical and psychosocial requirements. Based on the evaluation, the case managers develop a holistic treatment plan that considers the employee’s physical condition, cultural background, economic situation, and social concerns impacting their health status and active participation in the program. Further, the treatment plan includes employee education about self-care and recommendations for a successful recovery. As a final step, the company closely monitors the employee’s health status with frequent communication.

WorkCare offers on-site services that are designed to streamline employee access to care, manage work-related and personal health care costs, enhance worker health and productivity, and prevent injuries. Further, the company offers physician consulting with state-of-the-art technology for customized reporting. WorkCare’s consulting medical directors are vigilant and continuously look for potential worksite failures and hazardous conditions.
By closely communicating with frontline EH&S managers, the physician consultants are positioned to “red flag” potential lapses in engineering, work practice and personal protective equipment controls—helping employers maintain employee health and safety while ensuring compliance with regulations.

We are more than experts or colleagues in the health care industry; we are committed members of ever y client’s team

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other intersecting employment-related laws and regulations create logistical and compliance headaches for employers. WorkCare’s absence and disability management make complying with federal and state laws and regulations easier as it is advocacy-based and combines the power of one-to-one nurse care coordination with WorkLink, a proprietary, best-in-class communication solution. It is an employee-centric, real-time communication tool connecting all contributors to an employee’s recovery plan.

Benefitting from WorkCare’s services, Joe Brasfield, Manager of Safety and Security, Walter Energy says, “WorkCare’s early intervention program coupled with an on-site RN helped us manage our injuries. Our underground mine of approximately 390 employees worked over 14 months without having an injury becoming a lost-time incident.”

With more than three decades of presence in the market, WorkCare has become the leader in occupational health care delivery and administration. The physician leadership is one of WorkCare’s biggest strength as they are highly qualified and comply with best practices while focusing on personal satisfaction, clinical quality, regulatory compliance, and cost-effective outcomes for employers and employees. Providing services to all types of companies, WorkCare is dedicated to its mission, which is effective care, better outcomes, regulatory compliance, and significant savings.


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Peter P. Greaney, Executive Chairman

With a motto of ‘Work Matters Health Counts,’ WorkCare clearly defines its identity as a specialized occupational health service provider company. The largest physician-owned company, it was started more than 30 years ago with the aim of improving worker productivity by ensuring better health management and to prepare employers to take better care of employees. The repertoire of world-class services that the company offers include preventive interventions, clinical care, regulatory compliance, wearable ergonomic assessments, and disability management, all designed keeping in mind not to hamper business outcomes of client companies