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Dr. Kai Wundke, CEO
As an invisible gas that is odorless and tasteless, radon is easily ignored and often overlooked as a health hazard. However, studies show that one in 15 households in the U.S. has elevated levels of radon, and radon-induced lung cancer causes more than 20,000 deaths a year in the US. Radon seeps into buildings through foundation cracks and other openings, and in no time, reaches dangerous concentration levels in indoor air, especially in places without proper ventilation. Generally, when radon inspection is carried out in a building or a house, the levels may not seem dangerous as it is measured for a fixed time under controlled conditions. However, indoor radon levels fluctuate considerably due to changes in ventilations, weather condititions, or seasons.

Long-term radon detection requires specialized know-how and technology such as intelligent air monitoring solutions that can help organizations or homeowners determine whether the radon levels within their buildings are exceeding hazard limits. As a part of addressing employee health concerns, CIOs are constantly on the lookout for solutions that can help them monitor the air quality within their organization’s facilities and ensure the safety of their workforce. This is where SunRADON steps into the picture.

SunRADON offers leading-edge radon detection and indoor air quality monitoring products that can be used for residential and commercial purposes. “Our aim is to provide enterprises, schools, and homeowners with reliable, intuitive, and easy-to-use products that accurately measure radon and indoor-air quality levels within their facilities,” says Dr. Kai Wundke, CEO of SunRADON.

Through its one of a kind plug-in solution—lüft, a long-term indoor air quality monitor, SunRADON is helping a wide variety of customers monitor their indoor air quality. What makes this solution unique is its ability to also measure radon in addition to chemicals, carbon dioxide equivalent, temperature, pressure, and humidity. Lüft’s VOC sensor, for example, tracksand alerts the presence of high levels of dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde released from paints, cleaning products, carpeting, wood preservatives, and many other everyday items. As a compact plug-in device with a modern design, lüft fits into any standard wall outlet effortlessly.

lüft’s setup process is a cinch—users just need to plug in the device, download its intuitive, customizable mobile app, connect to lüft via the app, and finally configure the device.

Our aim is to provide enterprises, schools, and homeowners with reliable, intuitive, and easy-to-use products that accurately measure radon levels within their facilities

The solution comes with predefined settings in terms of minimum and maximum limits for radon levels, chemicals, eCO2, and other parameters. The warning and alert thresholds can be adjusted to fit individual needs. Instead of the radon tests, which are conducted for a limited period, lüft monitors radon levels continuously for a longtime and alerts the user when a parameter overshoots acceptable air quality levels by email or push notification. Users have the flexibility to monitor their home’s air quality from anywhere and view all the indoor air quality sensor readings simultaneously through a dashboard. As a bonus, lüft’s LED, which functions as a status indicator, also has an integrated, programmable nightlight feature.

Radon professionals and home inspectors utilize SunRADON’s continuous radon monitors for inspecting the air quality in different facilities. Schools are deploying lüft to ensure that their students have access to good quality indoor air. Using lüft, school authorities can monitor the air quality of their infrastructure on a long-term basis either through a convenient, interactive cloud dashboard or auto-generated reports sent via emails and ascertain affected areas or detect any structural problems in their facilities.

With lüft making its successful debut in the market, the next step for the company is to reach out to a broader customer base and educate them on their products and its numerous benefits. On the technology front, SunRADON is further enhancing the IoT infrastructure of lüft and plans to incorporate additional sensors, which are essential for indoor air quality without altering the solution’s functionality. “Rather than being just another indoor air quality company in the crowd, our focus is on what is essential and unique—a reliable, IoT enabled indoor air quality monitoring solution integrated with our state of the art radon detector technology,” concludes Dr. Wundke.


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Dr. Kai Wundke, CEO

SunRADON’s mission is to reduce cases of Radon-induced lung cancer—by advancing innovation of affordable, reliable Radon Detection and Indoor Air Quality Monitors